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EKG of the Month
Challenging EKG's with explanations. Sharpen your skills!

Edited by
Sol Nevins, M.D., FACEP
Director of EMS
Morristown Memorial Hospital
Choose from the cases below:

Case Description
14 A 75 year old woman with new onset of palpitations. What is the rhythm?
13 A patient with chest pain and dyspnea. What is the rhythm?
12 An elderly man with stroke. What interesting phenomena occurs?
11 Chest pain while visiting in the hospital. What's the diagnosis?
10 Anorexia and dehydration. The EKG makes the diagnosis.
9 Lidocaine may be hazardous to your health.
8 A case of abnormal complexes.
7 A 36 year old female with dyspnea after cocaine. What's the rhythm?
6 A 29 year old female with palpitations. What's the rhythm?
5 A 27 year old male with chest pain. What's the diagnosis?
4 Is it ventricular or atrial?
3 Interesting Rhythm and complexes.
2 52 yo male c/o chest pain.
1 74 y.o. male c/o weakness and dyspnea.
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