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Clinical Reviews In-Depth

by Robin R. Hemphill, MD
Director of Education
Joint Military Medical Centers Emergency Medicine Residency
Brooke Army Medical Center.

Detailed reviews of clinical topics. Choose from the completed chapters below:

  1. Toxic Alcohols

  2. Acute Renal Failure

  3. Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Nonketotic Hyperosmolarity

  4. Asthma

This section of the Emergeny Medicine and Primary Care Web Site is designed for several purposes. First, for those who find themselves in the role of "a teacher". These cases are presented in a format that allows a leader to take an individual or a group through a case with defined goals and objectives. These objectives can all be found in a di scussion that follows the case. When possible, the cases will include pictures or ECG's. Second, the cases are meant to be used by anyone who feels that they would benefit by reviewing one of the presented topics and the information is here for any interested party to freely use and benefit from. My final goal in developing this section is to encourage discussion amoung the people who read these cases. I believe that medicine benefits from the learning, experience, and input of physicians everywhere. One of the greatest advantages of the WWW is that it allows me to discuss ideas with clinicians from every major teaching center in th e country as well as those who work in small practice centers. For this section to grow and improve I need input on the cases. If you have good pictures, send them my way and they can be added (credits will be given). I plan to update these topics as new information is published or as it comes to me from those who read the cases. If you read or use this section, please drop me a note so we can keep track of the use and growth of this area. You can reach me at: or

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