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Issue 1 May, 1995


We're experimenting with this web page to offer new information, commentary and insight into the Emergency Medical Services. There are many sites on the WEB dealing with some aspects of EMS, but what we hope to offer here is a perspective of value to the physician who wants to learn more.

This is the first installment of a page which will be updated every few weeks. We would truly welcome your thoughts, your links to other sites, or commentary you wish to share with your fellow internet physcians.

EMS Week is May 14 - 20 .....Make the right call

Physicians? Ever want to learn more about the EMS providers who bring patients to your emergency department? EMS week is a time for you to learn more. Please take the time to expand your understanding of Emergency Medical Services in your community.

Know your emergency number
9-1-1 or your emergency telephone number should be posted by every phone This is also true in your home and in your private practice office.

Share CPR education with your staff and patients The simple act of learing CPR can make all the difference in a life threatening emergency. Offer to host CPR refresher training in your practice or office. Support staff and non medical people should learn CPR.

Support EMS volunteers Volunteers provide almost 70% of staffing for Emergency Medical Services in the country. Volunteer First Responders, EMT's and Paramedics rely on your financial contributions to to expand their education and purchase much needed equipment.

Volunteer We need you! If you are interested in making a life saving difference in your community, contact your local EMS agency so see how you can volunteer your time.Offer to teach continuing education. Share your knowledge with the EMT's and Paramedics in your town.

Become a Medical Director
If you have the time and committment, become part of the medical direction and medical oversight organizations in your community. With the expansion of the new EMT - Basic curriculum, EMT-Basics will be required to function under the direction of a medical control physcian. Now is your chance to become involved.

EMS Sites on the Web

The EMS FAQ is a ZIP file

EMS WWW Sites list

The Galaxy Emergency Medical Services Page

Trauma Section

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio's Trauma Home Page

See theTraumaNet Home Page at Louisiana State University Medical Centere

Cardiac Section

The OUHSC Cardiac Arrhythmia Advisory System

Links of the month

Christian Emergency Relief Team -- Volunteer Emergency medical Providers are needed around the world. This site includes details on some of CERT's needs and future medical trips.

FAQ Organ Transplantation Newsgroup More and more education in Emergency Medical Services needs to be directed and saving lives with the preservation of possible transplant candidates.

Nursing Links

Nurses play an important role in emergency medical services by guiding EMT's in the absense of a physician.

A more complete listing is at NURSE in Great Britain.

Duke University has a site dedicated to nursing under construction, so check it often. Nursing Connections Magazine with some back issues, too.

Thank you for your visit. I am F.R. "Fritz" Nordengren, BA, NREMTP, EMS-I , the editor of the EMS page. Your story ideas and editorials are encouraged. Please e-mail me for details. I welcome your comments and suggestions at: Fritzn@ilink.com

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