selected wines, regions & grapes 
tastings, vintage charts, links  

  heart sounds & brief information on   eleven common heart conditions


artwall, notes from inferno 
poetica, paranoia and movietime 

  we'll always remember the shoah
  so it shall never happen again


ifmsa leadership training program 
fundraising seminar notes  

  WHO guide to good prescribing
  a practical manual, online version


ultimately useless collection of pages 
is there to waste all your time  

  our tasteful collection of ascii-art
  plus links to other ascii-art sites


selected cartoons from erdil yasaroglu   who draws komikaze in LeMan weekly  

  including images from underseas;
  great outdoors, netherlands, etc...


go to individuals, whose achievements   cannot or should not be reproduced  

  1,500+ hot links in 50 categories
  hey, it's how yahoo started up!

Last Updated on 5 July 1997

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