Pulmonary Stenosis

Brief Information
Valve restricts forward flow; forceful ejection from ventricle into pulmonary circulation. Cause is almost always congenital.
Type and

Heard over pulmonic area radiating to left and into neck. Thrill in 2nd and 3rd left intercostal space.
Findings on Examination Systolic murmur, medium pitch, coarse, diamond shaped, medium pitch, coarse; usually with thrill.
Heart Sound

S1 often followed quicly by ejection click; S2 often diminished, usually wide split; P2 soft or absent; S4 common in right ventricular hypertrophy.

Heart Sound
Compare with
Normal Heart Sound (441K)
Aortic Stenosis (392K)
Mitral Stenosis (424K)
Aortic Regurgitation (491K)
Mitral Regurgitation (303K)

Y.E. Kocabasoglu and R.H. Henning

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