In the following section, the normal and abnormal heart sounds are presented as .wav files.
Depending on the browser that you are using and the way it is set up, the .wav file may be
automatically played by the plugin program or saved. With the plugin program, the sound file
may be paused and its volume may be adjusted. Each file will be played once. The play button
should be pushed for repeated listening to the sound.
Normal Normal heart sounds 47.3 2.20
Acute rheumatic fever Loud first sound 43.1 2.00
Mitral stenosis Accentuated first sound 40.6 1.89
Mitral stenosis Opening snap 46.1 2.04
Mitral stenosis Short, mid-diastolic murmur 39.7 1.80
Mitral stenosis Presystolic murmur 43.1 2.50
Mitral regurgitation Systolic murmur 38.8 1.80
Mitral regurgitation Systolic murmur,
high pitched and
blowing type
32.3 1.50
Mitral regurgiation Systolic murmur,
crescendo type
32.3 1.50
Mitral regurgiation Late systolic murmur,
crescendo type
32.3 1.50
Mitral regurgiation Mid systolic click
and late systolic murmur
37.8 1.76
Mitral regurgiation Holosystolic murmur 32.3 1.50
Mitral regurgiation Third heart sound 37.0 1.72
Mitral regurgiation+
Mitral stenosis
All sound features of
mitral stenosis and
mitral regurgitation
40.6 2.14
Aortic insufficiency Loud systolic ejection murmur,
third sound
30.8 1.97
Aortic stenosis Opening snap of aortic valve,
early systolic ejection sound
22.3 1.43
Pulmonary stenosis Harsh systolic ejection murmur 27.8 1.78
Tricuspid regurgitation Holosystolic murmur,
high pitched,
lower during expiration and
louder during inspiration
91.7 4.26
Ventricular sepatal defect Continuous murmur 24.2 1.54
Atrial septal defect Abnormal splitting of
second sound
during expiration
42.6 1.98
Patent ductus arteriosus Continuous "machinery" murmur 40.5 2.59
Coarctation of aorta Systolic murmur 23.4 1.49
Right bundle branch block Abnormal splitting
of first sound
35.4 1.64
Complet heart block Slow heart rate,
varying first sound
82.6 3.84
Systemic hypertension Accentuated second sound 33.9 1.57