Symptoms of urinary tract diseases

   Dysuria - means stinging and cutting pain when urinating (cystitis, urethritis, hypertrophy of prostate).
   Pollakisuria - represents more often urging to urinating, usually in inflammation or calculus in urinary tract.
   Urinary retention (residuum) - is characterised by presence of urine in urinary bladder after urination (prostate hypertrophy).
   Paradox ischuria - represents strong urine retention with drop outflow (prostate hypertrophy).
   Incontinence of urine - spontaneous outflow of urine (cerebralstroke, in advanced arteriosclerosis, functional disorder of cervix sphincter in gynaecological diseases).
   Renal colic - manifests by intensive spastic pain of colic character originating in the lumbar area, irradiating into abdomen, spreading behind symphysis, and sometimes also into the upper parts of inner thighs.


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