Macrocephalia find1      
Macroglosia find1      
Macula find1      
Malleolar pressure find1      
Mallory-Weiss syndrome find1      
Mania find1      
Maragnon's maculae find1      
Marfan´s syndrome find1 find2    
McBurney´s point find1      
Meiosis (narrowing) find1      
Melena find1      
Meningeal irritation find1 find2    
Mental anorexia find1      
Mesocephalic shape the head find1      
Mesogastrium find1 find2    
Microcephalia find1      
Mitral opening sound find1    
Mitral regurgitation find1      
Mitral stenosis find1 find2 find3 find4
Morbilli (measles) find1      
Movements abnormal find1      
Movements athetoid find1      
Movements choreatic find1      
Murmur find1      
Murmur Austin Flint's find1      
Murmur Bellows (blowing) find1      
Murmur continuous find1      
Murmur crescendo find1      
Murmur crescendo - decrescendo find1      
Murmur decrescendo find1      
Murmur diastolic find1 find2 find3  
Murmur frictional find1 find2    
Murmur Graham's and Steell´s find1      
Murmur harsh (rough) find1      
Murmur machinery find1      
Murmur musical find1      
Murmur presystolic find1 find2    
Murmur systolic find1 find2 find3  
Murmur vascular find1      
Mydriasis (dilatation) find1      
Myxoedema find1 find2    
Naevus arachnoideus find1 foto foto foto
Nails deformed find1      
Nails hepatic find1      
Nails spherical find1      
Nanism find1      
Nanism disproportional find1      
Nanism in case of cretinism find1      
Nanism in case of premature puberty find1      
Nanism pituitary find1      
Nausea find1 find2    
Noises breathing find1      
Noises dry (whistling, squeaking, or crackling) find1      
Noises wet find1      
Nystagmus find1      
Obesity find1 foto    
Obesity diffuse find1      
Obesity truncal find1      
Obnubilation find1      
Oedema of the lung find1 find2    
Oedema - right heart failure find1 find2 find3  
Oedemas find1 find2 find3 foto
Oedemas - allergic find1      
Oedemas - cardiac find1      
Oedemas - hepatic find1      
Oedemas - hypoproteinaemic find1 find2    
Oedemas - inflammatory find1      
Oedemas - local find1      
Oedemas - lymphoedemas find1 find2 find3 foto
Oedemas - myxoedemas find1      
Oedemas - phlebothrombosis find1 find2 foto  
Oedemas - renal find1      
Oedemas - systemic find1      
Oedemas - Venostasic find1      
Oesophagus varicosities find1      
Onychomycosis find1      
Opening snap find1      
Opisthotonus find1      
Orthopneic find1 foto    
Osler nodes find1      
Ovarian dysgenesis find1