Scarlet fever (scarlatina) find1      
Scars find1      
Scars - keloid find1      
Scars on the skin find1 foto foto foto
Scars - post-injury find1      
Scars - post-operative find1 foto    
Scurvy find1      
Shank ulcers find1 find2 foto1 foto2
Shape variations of the thorax find1      
Shunt find1 find2    
Sign Cullen find1 find2    
Sign plantar find1      
Sign Turner find1      
Skin moisture find1      
Skin turgor find1      
Skodaic resonance find1      
Somnolence find1      
Soor (thrush) find1      
Sopor find1      
Spasm find1 find2    
Speech find1      
Splashing sounds find1      
Spleen find1      
Splenomegaly find1      
Splinter haematomas find1 foto    
Spots - Koplik's find1 find2    
Sputum - mucous find1      
Sputum - pus-mucous find1      
Sputum - putrescent find1      
Sputum - sanguinolent find1      
Sputum - serous find1      
Squeaking find1      
Stenocardia - anginal pain find1 find2    
Stenosis - aortic find1 find2    
Stenosis - mitral find1 find2 find3  
Stenosis - pulmonary find1      
Stenosis - tricuspid find1      
Stethoscopes find1      
Stiffening of the loops find1      
Stokes collar find1      
Strabismus - convergent find1      
Strabismus - divergent find1      
Striae pearly find1      
Striae violet find1 find2    
Stridulous breathing find1      
Sub-conjunctival haemorrhage find1      
Subcutaneous emphysema find1      
Symptom - Bell's find1      
Symptom - Blumberg's find1      
Symptom - Curvoisier's find1      
Symptom - Graef's find1      
Symptom - Homan's find1      
Symptom - Murphy's find1      
Symptom - Musset's find1 find2 find3  
Symptom - Plenies's find1 find2    
Symptom - Quinck's find1      
Symptom - Rowsing's find1      
Syncopation find1 find2    
Syncopation cardiac find1      
Syncopation circulatory find1      
Syncopation extra-cardiac find1      
Syndrome Adams-Stokes find1      
Syndrome articular find1      
Syndrome Claud-Bernard-Horner's find1      
Syndrome Cushing's find1 foto find2 find3
Syndrome Down's - mongolism find1      
Syndrome Fröhlich's find1      
Syndrome Mallor-Weiss's find1      
Syndrome Marfan's find1      
Syndrome myelofibrotic find1      
Syndrome nephrotic find1 find2    
Syndrome of carotic sinus find1      
Syndrome Parkinson's find1      
Syndrome Peutz-Jeghers's find1      
Syndrome Pickwick's find1      
Syndrome Sheehan's find1      
Syndrome Sjögren´s find1      
Syndrome Turner's find1      
Syndrome vestibular find1