Pain - abdominal find1 find2    
Pain - abdominal colic find1 find2    
Pain - abdominal - irradiation find1      
Pain - anginal - stenocardia find1 find2    
Pain - functional precordial find1      
Pain in chest find1      
Pain in chest - pericardial find1      
Pain in chest - pleural find1      
Pain in chest - tracheal find1      
Pain in chest - tumorous find1      
Pain in dissection of aortal aneurysm find1      
Pain shooting referred find1      
Pain - somatic (parietal) find1      
Pain - visceral find1      
Palmar erythema find1 find2 find3  
Palpation - deep find1      
Palpation - superficial find1      
Palpitations find1      
Papule find1 foto    
Paradox ischuria find1      
Paresis central find1      
Paresis n. facialis peripheral find1      
Parkinson syndrome find1      
Patent arterial duct (Botallo´s duct) find1      
Pectoral voice (bronchophony) find1      
Per rectum examinationfind1      
Pericarditis find1 find2    
Periodical breathing (Cheyne-Stokes breathing) find1      
Periodontitis find1      
Perisplenitis find1      
Petechiae find1      
Peutz-Jeghers syndrome find1      
Phlebothrombosis find1 foto find2 foto
Phlegmasia coerulea dolens find1      
Pickwick syndrome find1      
Pleural chylothorax find1      
Pleural empyema find1      
Pleural exudate find1      
Pleural frictional murmur find1      
Pleural haemothorax find1      
Pleural transudate find1      
Pneumonia (croupous) find1      
Pneumoperitoneum find1      
Pollakisuria find1      
Positive vein pulsation find1      
Prolapse of the mitral valve find1      
Prominences find1      
Psoriasis vulgaris find1 foto foto  
Pulmonary regurgitation find1      
Pulmonary stenosis find1      
Pulsations of carotid find1      
Purpura find1      
Pustule find1      
Pyknic find1      
Pyrosis find1      
Quincke's oedema find1      
Raspberry-coloured tongue find1      
Raynaud's disease find1 find2    
Regurgitation aortic find1      
Regurgitation mitral find1      
Regurgitation pulmonary find1      
Regurgitation tricuspid find1      
Resonance hypersonic find1      
Resonance percussion find1      
Resonance shortened find1 find2 find3 find4
Resonance tympanic find1      
Retention of urine (residuum) find1 find2    
Rheumatoid arthritis find1 find2 foto foto
Rhinophyma find1      
Rivero-Carvallo's sign find1      
Rough shivering of the head find1